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Converg Financial Training is committed to providing interventions that will empower, advance and inspire individuals and teams to take up the challenge of reaching their full potential.

Through consultation, interventions are tailor-made to meet specific objectives, ensuring relevant and focused training. The Converg learning experience is interactive and utilises training techniques that impart up-to-date knowledge and bring out the best of each participant.

Quality is a core value at Converg. It is reflected in a passionate approach to training, attention to detail and a commitment to continuing improvement. Each training intervention is followed up with feedback about the service provided and where relevant
about participant performance.

The Converg team consists of professionals with local and international training and consulting experience with an on-going dedication to provide training at the cutting-edge.

Converg provides training to the accounting profession and business (large and small organisations and individuals), both locally and internationally. In addition, Converg consults to auditing and accounting firms regarding quality control, auditing standards and application of audit methodologies. Training is conducted in-house or at public venues dependant on specific requirements.

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